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There are 3 pricing and commitment options.  If any of the partners want to join, their CC will be charged monthly, The 1st two packages will be charged monthly whether they stay in the program 6 months or not, and will be non-refundable. The third option allows members to pay on a  month-to-month basis.

[buynowplus button="5d0a9a01f84f45000426fce4" title="Package #1 (purchase by July 1st) - $199/mo for 3 months, $299/mo for months 4 thru 6 – for 6-month commitment non-refundable" type="link" url=""]HODS Mastermind Subscription Package #1[/buynowplus]
[buynowplus button="5d0a9e53f84f45000426fcf5" title="Package #2 (if purchased after July 1st) - $299/mo for 6 month commitment" type="link" url=""]HODS Mastermind Subscription Package #2[/buynowplus]
[buynowplus button="5d0a9eb3f84f45000426fcfb" title="Package #3 - $349/mo. for a month-to-month commitment, 30-day notice required to discontinue the subscription. " type="link" url=""]Package #3 - $349/mo. for a mo-to-mo commitment[/buynowplus]