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electromyographyOur purpose is to Create a truly Autonomous Physical Therapy practice by advancing the Physical Therapist as a provider of choice for Electrophysiological, Neuromsuckuloskeletal Ultrasound Imaging and Vestibular Testing technologies.

 Hands-On Diagnostic Services is paving the way to the future of our profession. Read what some of our partners are saying about Hands-On Diagnostic Services.


"It could actually revolutionize where physical therapy is going."    –  C. P. (Founder of Panetta Physical Therapy & Motion Specialists)

"Despite the current environment, the future is very bright for Physical Therapists. We have a ton of value that the research is showing, and when you combine that with Diagnostic Testing, Physical Therapists can move even further into the value spectrum." – J. H. PT (CEO of PROActive Physical Therapy Clinics)

"HODS is advancing our profession to levels of true autonomy by helping PTs effectively learn and apply technologies that increase the accuracy of our treatments and change the landscape of the PT profession." –  D.S. MSRPT (Founder of One to One Physical Therapy & Aquatics)

"Hands-On Diagnostics has done a great job providing training to all of our staff and to give them the opportunity to effectively and efficiently perform the testing."  – J.M, PT (Co-Founder of Norther Physical Therapy)

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